Juicy chicken in 30 minutes in the microwave

18 Feb
Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker
Juicy chicken from your microwave in 30 minutes

I was rushing to get home one night so I stopped in a grocery store to purchase a rotisserie chicken. Healthy, right!? I’m beginning to think not so healthy since I was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of salt I tasted. That led me to wonder what else was lurking in the chicken that had been sitting under the warmers in the middle of the store for who knows how long.

Vowing never to purchase another rotisserie chicken again – and wondering how I could pull off healthy meals in minimal time without turning on the oven – I was super excited to try out a whole chicken in the Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker.

I can guess what you’re thinking…”chicken in the microwave!???” Before you judge, I must confess I woulnd’t have tried it unless my team leader didn’t demonstrate this at one of our PC meetings.

Super easy, super good and prolly a whole lot healthier than something that has been sitting around for hours.


  • Clean one whole, thawed chicken in cool water until the water runs through clear.
  • Use kitchen scissors to trim as much skin off as possible. Leaving some on the legs and wings is OK.
  • Quarter a fresh lemon and stuff it, along with fresh herbs if you have them, inside the cavity.
  • Flip the bird breast-side down into the Deep Covered Baker. This cuts the cooking time.
  • Sprinkle the top side with dried herbs. Lemon pepper or an Italian mix works great.
  • Cover and microwave for 30-35 minutes
  • Retain juices for another recipe

Please note cooking times may vary. Professionals will tell you to use a meat thermometer to make sure the chicken is cooked.  I usually slice into the breast and look for pinkness. I assume this is a no brainer for most of us but please cook responsibly…I don’t want to get sued if you give yourself food poisoning.

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