Weight Loss Wars – Fueling the morning workouts

23 Oct

The work out corner

I’m at the two week mark of my revised lifestyle plan and things are going well. True to my goals, I’ve stuck to eating clean, unprocessed food; been drinking LOTS of water and exercised 5 times each week.

I have filled my diet with fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains (brown rice, barley, quinoa and wheatberries). I limited my intake of fats, reduced sugary snacks and eliminated my daily wine ritual!*

My goal is to stick to around 1500 calories a day. The interesting thing is that when you’re eating “clean” foods getting up to 1500 calories is sometimes not that easy. I guess that’s why most major diet plans encourage you to eat this way. Fruits, veggies and whole grains fill you up for little to no calories.

So, I’m not suffering at all and I haven’t been hungry in the least (unless you count the times when I didn’t take the time to eat). I even had bacon with my breakfast one day.

The good news is I’ve lost 5 pounds and I can already see a difference. *Giving up wine should have been good for at least another 5 pounds. Pfft! The results are still worth it. I feel better. I’ve been sleeping better. And, best of all last night I fit into an outfit I wasn’t able to wear just a month ago. That is progress!

The key to having enough energy to work out in the morning and not pass out from sheer exhaustion whilst at the keyboard is the right nourishment. I simply can’t work out on an empty stomach so I need a little something before I exercise. May favorite thing for after working out is a smoothie. I’m also madly in love with quiche so I’ve included that as an option. The combination of eggs and cooked rice give the quiche a well balanced nutritional profile that is really perfect for a post-workout meal.

Meal planning is important to a successful diet. Or, in my case a lifestyle overhaul. If I have healthy food in the fridge I’ll eat it. If not, bad things happen.

Stay tuned for more of what’s cooking in Kathryn’s Kitchen.

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