The November BlogHer Daily Posting Challenge

01 Nov

NaBloPoMo 2011 - Blogging for Blogging's Sake

OMG, I must be insane! I just signed up to partipcate in the BlogHer November daily blogging challenge. Not that it matters, but I’m number 60 on the blogroll. Seriously, what am I thinking? Only a handful of people even know I have a blog.

The fact that I have less than a handful of followers (three as I write this and one is my Mom) is totally my fault as I never really intended to blog.

I am a recipe junkie. I have oodles of cookbooks and an overflowing manilla folder stuffed with scores of newspaper clippings, handwritten notes, post-its, print outs from the web and pages from a Time Life monthly subscription cookbook I spent way too much money on. In the old days I would type up recipes in Word and fax* them to people who asked for them. Then email came along, followed by Facebook. Since you can’t use attachments on Facebook, I started copying my recipes in as Notes and posting them on my wall to share with friends. Except you can’t index Notes. Or find them very easily unless you want to scroll through every Note you’ve ever written. Then, in that funny way that the Universe works with me, I was invited to sponsor a blogging class for my day job. Man, I had Facebook down but WordPress was a strange land that seemed, to the uninitiated, exclusively for witty and clever writers.

Even after only half-listening from the back of the room, I hustled home from class and set up a blog. If only for a means to index my recipes, I spent a weekend transferring all my recipes from Facebook to WordPress. Then I kinda petered out. I literally didn’t even post once in August; this can partly be blamed on the fact that I live in Phoenix where it is mercilessly hot. Seriously, who wants to cook when its 115°? Me, I lived on cheese, crackers, wine and olives the whole month.

But now that autumn has finally rolled into town, I’m interested in food again. I’m cooking more. I’m entertaining. And all of a sudden I realize that I have 60 recipes posted. That is no small potatoes. Of course, it doesn’t really rival the post history of some of my favorite bloggers but a girl has to start somewhere, yes?

NaBloPoMo is just what I need to see if I can cut it as a blogger. I added my name to the blogroll and quickly felt motivated to become “more official.” So, I bought the domain name for my WordPress site and jazzed up the sidebar with widgets (including a “Follow” widget so you can subscribe if you find me witty and clever). Magically, I feel more official already.

Alas, those 30 posts are not going to write themselves. So, I’ve got a plan hatching in the back of my head which will soon be fleshed out in Excel. And I’ve got a list of writing/blogging goals to accomplish. This means there will be no recipe today but stay tuned because November is going to be awesome!



*My sister is slightly more organized that I am. She pasted all her newspaper clippings and random recipes into a binder. When I was leafing through it the other night I spied faxed copies of recipes I sent her in 1994. That’s a long time to be doling out recipes. Thank goodness technology has evolved!

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