How to Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange

29 Nov

I’m a HUGE fan of sugar cookies. Case in point, I ended up gobbling all six of the pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies my sister brought over on Thanksgiving for breakfast the next day. That’s right, while the rest of the world was pigging out on leftover turkey and stuffing, I went right for the sugar.

So, the cookie season already started for me. Then, in that weird way that the universe works for me, over cocktails last weekend me and my bestie talked our other friend into hosting a Christmas cookie exchange. In all fairness, the other friend was already half committed to the idea and just need her chums to enthusiastically back her plan, which we did. Of course we did. I’m already having sugar cookie withdrawals and it’s not even December 1st yet.

It’s hard for me to believe this, but I’ve only been to one Christmas cookie exchange in my life and that was only last year. Said event was either poorly planned, ill managed *or* extremely casual. I baked my favorite cookies and went armed with six dozen to swap. I was supposed to end up with six dozen to take home with me but I’m fairly certain that didn’t happen.

No doubt, my BFF will have a better handle on her Christmas cookie exchange. I’m pretty excited because her father was a baker by profession. This, I hope, means the bar will be set kinda high so I should score some majorly good cookies out of it. Sweet!

If you’re not familiar with a cookie swap, it is an awesome way to get a wide variety of cookies without having to spend days in the kitchen baking. It’s brilliant, really! The general jist of the event is this:

  • Bring six dozen cookies nicely displayed on a platter (carefully label any with nuts in case of allergies)
  • Bring an extra basket or large Tupperware container with you
  • Go around the table and takes one to two cookies from each platter until all the cookies are divided up
  • Be ready to share your recipe and/or a story of why you chose the cookie you did

We’re doing our cookie exchange next Saturday. If you love the idea, you might want to get started on your own soon since people need time to prepare and schedules are starting to get a little crazy. I googled “how to do a cookie exchange” and came up with dozens of articles on how to pull this off.

I’m bringing the family favorite, Grandma Millie’s Mexican Wedding Cakes.

Tell me, what’s your family’s favorite cookie??

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