I Survived NaBloPoMo 2011

30 Nov
I got more than this shirt to show for it!

November 1st I signed up for the National Blog Post Month challenge and committed to write thirty posts in thirty days. While I can safely say that I am very motivated by accountability, it now seems incredible to me that the thirty days is up.

I like to write and words come fairly easy. My posts typically average between 400 and 700 words, of which, practically half is usually taken up by a recipe. This makes it feels a bit of a stretch to actually call it writing. Participating in NaBloPoMo has given me a chance to share some stories in cyberspace which is fun for me. I’ve also had the pleasure of friends telling me they were attempting some of my recipes…or they did and loved the results. Seriously, who wouldn’t want that??

However, blogging about food every day isn’t always easy. Especially when you’re single and there is no one to feed. There were definitely some days when I didn’t want to follow my plan, didn’t feel like cooking (again) and struggled for a message.

Between the planning and shopping, I probably made more trips to the grocery store in the last month than I have in the last 3 years. Some days required more than one trip. Mental note to self: must plan better. A side benefit to better planning is I have thrown out less food.

Then there’s the cooking. And the leftovers. Seriously, my inside and outside freezer are both packed with food. A side benefit here is that I’ve had a few girlie get-togethers to share my bounty. So those people I needed to feed?? Found ’em!
Now that the 30 days is up, I have a few other things to show for completing the challenge (besides the t-shirt):
  • Thirty more posts added to my blog. Considering I only had sixty or so odd posts to begin with, this is an accomplishment. I’m actually close to cracking one hundred posts! Who knows when I would have accomplished this were it not for participating in NaBloPoMo?
  • Readers that I’m not actually related too. This makes me feel kind of official in the blogosphere. To everyone who joined me in November, welcome aboard and thanks for following me.
  • New skills and new ingredients in the kitchen. During my blogging blitz, I definitely tried new ingredient (kale, anyone??) and new techniques. Blogging gave me an excuse to experiment because if it didn’t work, (i.e., the 5 minute ricotta was definitely NOT 5 minutes) I could chalk it up to the cause.

What’s next for Kat?? NaBloPoMo is over just in time for a business trip, followed by La Mama’s milestone birthday celebration, out-of-town company and Christmas.

Throughout December, though, I gotta eat. So, I guess I’ll keep cooking and blogging…just maybe not everyday!
Stay tuned!
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