Happy New Year (and Migas)

01 Jan

Kat's favorite breakfast ever!

Thanks to some responsible drinking and good pacing on my part during the New Year’s Eve festivities (and four Advil before going to bed), I am starting 2012 without a hangover. Hooray!!

After having a great time last night and sleeping in this morning, I woke up starving. I decided to start 2012 with my number one favorite breakfast, migas. Ever since my former roommate turned me on to this easy-to-prepare breakfast, I’ve been hooked. I did splurge a bit and fry up some bacon. I then used a small amount of the bacon grease to cook up the dish.

I know that with the new year and with everyone’s ubiquitous resolutions I should be focusing on healthy food and not basking in bacon. Fear not, readers. Come Tuesday (tomorrow is a Federal holiday so I will be using it to get motivated and do some much needed grocery shopping) I’ll have a meal plan and some easy dishes posted to get us all started on better balanced eating.

I hope 2012 started off with a bang for you. My wish is that this is the best year ever for all of us!


  • one tablespoon vegetable oil (or bacon grease if you’re feeling festive)
  • two or three corn tortillas cut into strips (I usually use kitchen shears)
  • two or three eggs, beaten
  • Garnishes


In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium high heat. Add the tortilla strips and fry until golden on both sides. Pour the eggs in swirling them around until they make an omelet type layer in the pan. Gently flip the eggs so they fully cook.

Garnish with any combination of cheese, black olives, scallions, refried beans or crumbled bacon.



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